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Ahlers began as a shipping agency in 1909. We have forged solid relationships with reputed shipping lines based on expertise and mutual trust.

Our longstanding relationships with ship owners and the quality of our portfolio are the reasons why customers don’t have to choose between a first class service and attractive rates at Ahlers Agencies.

Our portfolio of lines and destinations has been handpicked and nurtured for many years:

  • Europe to/from Persian Gulf/Middle East/India/Far East (CHIPOLBROK)
  • Far East to/from US Gulf and Europe (CHIPOLBROK)
  • US Gulf to/from Far East (CHIPOLBROK)
  • Continent incl. Baltics and Black Sea to/from West Africa (EUROAFRICA)
  • Continent to/from East Coast Canada, US East Coast, US Gulf, Mexico Caribbean (ONEGO)
  • Continent to/from Central America, North/East Coast South America (ONEGO)
  • Continent to/from Black Sea via the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea (HARTEL)
  • Far East to Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea (NEPA)
  • Far East to/from West Coast South America via South Africa (NEPA)
  • Antwerp/Rotterdam to/from Aberdeen and to/from Tananger, Norway (RULEWAVE)
  • Crosstrades and other cargoes/lanes via our chartering desk (Ahlers Chartering)
  • Antwerp to/from Algeria, Equatorial Guinea (CHL)
  • North Europe (via Leixoes) to/from Madeira, Las Palmas (PORT LINE)
  • Cape Verde Islands, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Senegal
  • Worldwide to/from Cape Verde Islands, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Senegal (PORT LINE)

  • South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco (SAFWAF)
  • Please contact us for the latest information on the arrival and departure times of our lines.



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