Terms and Conditions

For transportation of goods on board of vessels

Logistics Services


Unless otherwise has been agreed separately, following terms & conditions are applicable for cargo booked on Chipolbrok tonnage:

  • Liner terms as per customs of the ports
  • In case of W/M rate, the freight will be calculated on the weight or measurement whichever is the highest for each individual piece
  • Invoices issued in Euro’s. Invoicing in USD to be mutually agreed on final booking confirmation.
  • Owners liner berths at both ends
  • Terms valid subject Suez / Panama passage is accessible for commercial traffic
  • Cargo to be fully stackable and overstowable (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Demurrage/detention charges :

USD 20 000, - pd pr for mv Wladyslaw Orkan class
USD 15 000, - pd pr for mv Chongming class

  • Detention to be applied in case cargo and/or documents and/or means of transport not ready upon vessel arrival at both ends
  •  Loading/discharging to be performed "as fast as vessel can receive/ deliver", all time, 24 hrs per day, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday included.
  • Cargo included in the shipment, in particular heavy and/or oversized pieces, when required in port of discharge, will be discharged basis direct delivery and charts/shippers/receivers are responsible for sufficient number of suitable means of transport in order to take direct delivery from the vessel without any delay. Otherwise owners are authorised to claim detention charges at the rate as per this fixture and all other costs/ damages which might result from above.
  • Direct delivery/loading/discharging from barge, if required ,must be agreed with owners in advance before booking is concluded and inserted in booking terms, otherwise owners reserve the right to reject such cargo from loading and/or to keep charts/shippers/receivers responsible for all additional costs resulting from such arrangement.
  • Antwerp fob 51 rules on cargo delivery not applicable unless agreed in booking note,
  • Merchant herewith declares and reconfirms that cargo weight/dimensions/stackability status is correct as stated in this booking note. Non- fulfilment of this condition shall be treated as cargo misdeclaration and owners are authorised to claim detention charges at the rate as per this fixture and all other costs/ damages, which might result from above.
  • Any packing to be seaworthy, unpacked cargo to be seaworthy prepared in accordance with valid rules and regulations.
  • Spreader and/or any special lifting equipment if required for loading/discharging to be delivered with cargo.
  • If deck shipment is allowed, carrier has the right to transport goods for the entire voyage or any part of on deck without liability for the carrier and with the following remark in the bill of lading:
  • "... carried on deck at shippers/receivers risk. Carrier not being liable for loss or damage howsoever arising"
  • Terminal handling/ receiving charges and wharfage to be for cargo account.
  • Concerning export/import cargoes from / to US ports :

Merchant to supply all needed documentation (B/L masters, ITN’s riders etc) no later than 48 hours prior loading to vessel for export cargoes and 72 hours prior loading for import cargoes. For hazardous cargoes, all hazardous information must be received prior to cargo delivery to loading terminal

  • Any fines/penalties/costs resulting from wrong/late presentation of documents will be for Merchant’s account Failing, booking will be rolled to next sailing/voyage at cargoes risk, account and insurance.
  • Additionals / surcharges valid at the time of shipment to be applied
  • All dates are subject alteration without notice, subject changes in rotation, other ports en-route and without guarantee and liability towards the carrier
  • In case that a shipment, after being firmly booked, will have to be cancelled from nominated loader or postponed for later shipment due to the reasons on the cargo side, Carrier is entitled to receive dead freight as compensation for non performance
  • Subject to final packing list/ details/ drawings
  • Other terms and conditions as per Chipolbrok liner bill of lading, latest edition

* Valid for current month plus following two months.

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