Ahlers offices again prove to be a hit for transports from China to Russia

Among the pieces one reactor of 5.8 m diameter

Shanghai-St Petersburg-Egorievsk-project shipment

When one of our longstanding customers announced they would be expanding their factory in Egorievsk, Russia (just South-East of Moscow) Ahlers’ network proved to be a match made in heaven as the majority of the approximate 4000 CBM of new equipment was sourced in China with destination Russia.


The tight deadline in the back of our minds Ahlers teams started investigating routings and together we determined that the best solution was to ship the units as breakbulk on a container vessel from Shanghai to Antwerp and from Antwerp to St Petersburg on a coaster vessel. Once arrived in St Petersburg the client’s broker was in charge of formalising the customs clearance before we could reload the units on trucks for the last miles of their 8000 miles journey. All but one piece... 

The “pièce de résistance” was a reactor with a diameter of 5.8 m width which could not be transported by road from St Petersburg to Egorievsk. However, Ahlers Russia put on their thinking caps and quickly found a fitting solution by chartering a barge from St Petersburg to a small river port in Kolomna leaving just 55 km to truck to final destination.

After delivery of the reactor the final receiver in Egorievsk was quick to congratulate us on a job well done and appreciated all Ahlers’ efforts to deliver the cargo in a swift, efficient and safe way. A job well done thanks to Ahlers teamwork and network.



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